This widget represents the last value of a variable in a cylinder gauge type by filling it based on the min and max limits (min=0% and max=100% of the cylinder).

The result of the cylinder widget will be similar to the ones in the image below. User can define a default color for the whole range, or different colors that will be applied in each range of the value.

The configuration of a cylinder is very simple, you can pick one variable, and it will be displayed in the widget.

Variable Conditions

If you need your cylinder to display content related conditions, you can go to Parameter Configurations, and add all your conditions there. For example, you can define to show the content in green if the value is less than 10, yellow if the value is between 10 and 90, and red if higher than 90.

Tick Marks

Under Parameter Configurations tab, the user can set the number of tick marks to be equally distributed in the cylinder.

Other Configurations

Under Parameter Configurations tab, the user can also set the following parameters:

  • Change the minimum and maximum values of the cylinder (bottom / up marks)
  • Hide the variable name
  • Set the number format (0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000...)
  • Enter the Unit of the variable.