With icons the user can create very personalized widgets for their applications, the result could look like the ones shown below, but the possibilities are endless.

Users can add up to 9 variables in this widget, each variable will show it's last value.

Variable Labels.

Users can customize all the variable names to show a more understanding label for each icon

Widget Layout

Users can choose where which variable is going to be showed inside the widget, this is done by selecting the row and column position. 

Variable Conditions

Here you can define conditions for each variables, and choose it's icon and color.
Let's say you want to create a battery widget, you can add conditions to the value of the variable voltage, depending on each value. You simply have to select an icon and color for each condition.
The image below shows the configuration for a simple battery display.

Users can use their own images to show in the widget, by adding their own icon url.

Other Configurations

Under Parameter Configurations tab, users can also set the following parameters:

  • Hide the name of the variables
  • Hide the value of the variables
  • Set a number format
  • Choose to show the unit of the variable