In this tutorial, the user will learn how to create a flow that automatically clears a meeting event in Google Calendar if there are no attendees.

First create a Microsoft Flow Tago connector if you still haven`t created one. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to do it.

On the Tago admin, create a device called meetings, and a dashboard called flow.

On the dashboard, add an input so we can emulate the sensor that tells if there are people in the meeting room.

Add a display and select the bucket meetings, the device meetings and the variable room1 as shown in the image below

Now add an input, select the same bucket, device and variable.

You should now have a dashboard with these two widgets.

In the input, type 0 and send, so the variable room1 can be created inside your bucket.

This variable means the number of people inside the room, if it is greater than zero, the meeting will go on, but if it`s zero, the meeting event will be removed, thus releasing the room for the next meeting.

Go to, log in with your account and go to the section templates. On the search area, type Tago.

Choose the one "Release meeting room on the lack of attendees".

If you followed the tutorial on how to create the connection, you should have the Tago connection ready. Now you need to set up your Google Calendar connector.

On the bottom of the page, click on Sign in, for the Google Calendar, sign in with your credentials as you would normally and allow it to manage your connections. Then click on Continue.

For this template, you shoud have an exclusive calendar for the meeting room, select your calendar from the list.

Now, on Device, select the device meetings

Now, click on Save flow, in the bottom of the page and done.

If you want to end the event with a specific number of people, in the condition, as show in the image above, just change from zero to the number you wish.