In this tutorial, the user will learn how to create a Tago connector inside the Microsoft Flow Platform.

Microsoft Flow is a very powerful tool that aims to connect different applications together, and automate tasks.

With Microsoft Flow and Tago, you can create useful automations to satisfy your companies needs. For example, you can set up a flow to connect with your sensors and take action using their data input, or you can connect with Twitter, so anytime someone tweets about your company, you can take actions using the Tago platform.

To work with Microsoft Flow using Tago, you need to set up a connector.

Microsoft Account

Head to Microsoft Flow and create your account if you don`t have one yet.

After creating your account, on the top bar, click on Connectors and on the search bar, type Tago.

Click on "When a condition is matched"

Type the connection name, your username at Tago, and your password and click Create.

Done, now you have a Tago connector at Microsoft flow. You can set up actions based on matched conditions and create your own flows.