Audit Log tracks any access and modification that occurs in a profile.

Using Audit Log, you can see when and how an action or analysis was triggered, and then use this information to make sure your application is working as planned.

You may also use the logs to know when other profiles created, deleted or edited any of your devices, dashboards, actions, or any other resources.

Audit Log is only available to the account's owner.

Accessing Audit Log

The Audit Log page is available inside the Audit Log tab in each profile of your account.

To access Audit Log, click on your initials or picture in the top right corner and then click in Profiles. Once the page loads, select one of your profiles and click in the Audit Log tab.


You can filter the Audit Log events through filters. To learn more about what you can filter, click here.


Each row of Audit Log is called an event. Events are added to the log table as soon as they occur. Learn more.

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