By clicking on a bucket, you will find sections where you can find detailed information about the bucket. In your list of buckets, select one to get more information, and click on the MORE tab to obtain the details.


This option can be used to hide the Bucket on the list of buckets, which is helpful when you create a bucket used for special purposes and don’t want to mix it with those used to store data coming from devices. 

When a Bucket is not visible, it will not appear in the list of variables of a Widget or Action session. Sometimes you may want to create a hidden bucket for special scripts purposes, like a temporary bucket used only in the Analysis.

Bucket ID

If you need to make a reference to a bucket, like when you want to access it from a script in the Analysis, you will need to use its bucket ID. The bucket ID can be found under the section more of the selected bucket. The ID is unique and generated by Tago. It cannot be modified.

Amount of data records

The amount of data stored into each bucket is also showed in the More section.


All the variables you have stored in the bucket will be shown here in the tab ‘Variables’.

The list shows the name of the variables, the device, the number of records and the units for each one.

Deleting Variables

You can delete the variables by selecting which variables you wish to delete, or you can delete all data from the bucket maintaining its structure. 

In case you want to delete only a few variables, you can select them on the list by clicking on each variable’s checkbox or you can select all variables by clicking “Select All”. To delete the selected variables click on the button “Delete selected variables”, note that this button shows you the number of selected variables.

Then, you will be prompted to confirm the action, click on “delete”.

When you select one or multiple variables to be deleted, they will not be deleted at the moment you confirm - they will be deleted after some time.

While a variable is being deleted, it will show a rotating gear icon. You can add more values to those variables right away and don’t worry your new values will not be deleted.

In case you want to clear all the variables from the bucket, click on “Empty Bucket”

Then you will be prompted to confirm this action, to do so, you must type “empty-bucket” then click on “Empty”

Notice that when you empty an entire bucket, its data is deleted instantly.