We created the Data Retention feature to give the option for users to automatically remove data from the bucket after a defined period of time. The goal is to help customers to avoid unnecessary costs with data that don’t need to be kept for a long period of time.

By combining this feature with the Backup, users can keep old data by moving them to a lower cost storage system (offline access that can be recovered when necessary).

You can set the retain data to “Forever”, it means that the data in that bucket will never be deleted automatically, or you can set to days or even months. For example, setting it to one day means that data will remain in the bucket for the time of only one day.

Data Retention is configurable for each bucket and it is disabled by default (set as Forever).

This system is directly linked to the Backup system. If you have enabled both Backup and Data Retention in the same bucket, the Data Retention system will always wait for the last backup to be completed before it removes the data.

When a certain backup is restored, that specific data will be kept in the bucket during the period set at the Data Retention. For example, if you recover a backup file that was created 6 months ago, and the data retention is set to 15 days, this data set will be available for 15 days and then removed again from the buckets (you can recover it again if needed).