Custom widgets allow developers to incorporate powerful content in their own widget for their dashboards.

Creating your own

The sky's the limit when using this widget. You can build your widget using Angular, React, Vue.js, or even plain old Javascript.

To understand how to write the code for your Custom Widget, click here.

Main Configuration

After you've coded your Custom Widget, you need to host it and provide a link to the location where you've hosted it.

Tip: You can use our Files to host your custom Widget. To learn more about it, click here.


Parameters allow you to send a list of keys and values to your Custom widget.

One use of these parameters is to change the way your code behaves. You can have two widgets pointing to the same link, but exhibiting different behaviors.

Click here to read more about Custom Widget Parameters.

User Control

You may choose to run an Analysis once you send data from your widget. To do so, inform the desired Analysis in the Run analysis when sending data field.

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