Through a TagoIO middleware, companies can connect devices using their own protocol. The middleware acts as a protocol converter from any type (TCP/IP, UDP, ...) to the standard TagoIO APIs.

To be a middleware owner just contact us, and we will make the middleware available at TagoIO and help you with the steps needed to get it running.

Get Token By Serial Number

When someone adds a token of your middleware type, they will need to insert a serial number and a verification code (optional). In this way, when a device communicates with your middleware sending both these fields, you will get the token associated with your middleware using this function.

After that, you can parse and post the data to Tago using the device Send Data documentation.

GET - - Middleware-Token


    "status": true,
    "result": {
        "token": "6be70d93-0bbb-4e18-89b6-d23b077d05e9"