Actions is a very powerful feature that gives you total control over your devices based on events determined by you.

With Actions you can:

  • Send a SMS based on certain conditions;
  • Send an Email based on certain conditions;
  • Run scripts using Analysis;
  • Make HTTP Post requests;
  • Send notifications to your account or the account of your Run Users;
  • Publish to a MQTT topic based on certain conditions;

Learn about each Action here.

Creating Actions

To create a new Action, just click on the button ‘Action’ located at the sidebar, then click on + (the top right button).

Type of trigger

There are 3 types of trigger you can use:

  • Variable: The action will be triggered when one variable meets certain conditions. If your device has sent data and the variables are meeting those conditions, this action will be triggered. To learn more about this type, click here.
  • Resource: This action will be triggered when the selected resources, for example buckets or devices, have been modified, deleted, or created. This type keeps watching resources and triggers the action when the resources have met certain conditions. To learn more about this type, click here.
  • Schedule: This action will be triggered automatically from time to time. You can specify a custom range (every second Wednesday of September), or you can specify a fixed time range (every 2 hours). To learn more about this type, click here.

Type of action

When you create a new action, you must inform us what your action is going to do once executed. To understand more about these options, head over here.

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