When you are programming, it can be useful to use other packages inside your code; or you may want to organize your project using require and subfolders.

TagoIO is friendly with a handful a packages:
  • moment and moment-timezone
  • lodash
  • co
  • async
  • axios
  • crypto
  • Tago itself

So you don’t need to generate a build if you are only using those.

Also, TagoIO only accepts one single .js file when uploading your script to our servers. TagoIO provides a builder CLI that can build your entire project and generate a single .js file with the whole code. You can access the repository by clicking here

To use our Tago-Builder, follow the following steps:

  1. Type into your terminal `  npm install -g tago-builder`
  2. Wait for the installation to complete
  3. Type iton your terminal `tago-builder ‘my script’.js ‘new name’.tago.js (the last parameter is optional).
  4. Upload the generated ‘my script’.tago.js file to Tago.

If everything is okay, a new file called ‘my script’.tago.js will be generated. Now you can upload this file to TagoIO!