Keypad allows the user to submit a pin code along with an optional action string.

This widget is ideal to represent an alarm or to request a PIN code to unlock a resource.


By default, the numeric keypad contains 10 digits that range from 0-9, it also contains an asterisk (*) and a number sign (#).

You have the option to customize the content of the keypad by creating buttons that will appear along with the digits.

Example of custom buttons inside the Keypad

To learn more about the customization options of your keypad, click here.

Data manipulation

The keypad will send the data immediately after pressing a custom button, or just by inputting a combination of numeric digits and waiting 3 seconds.

Whenever a PIN code is submitted, the structure sent to the variable will be:


So, for instance, if the user has clicked the sequence 1234 and then DISARM, the output would be:


Learn more about how to manipulate the keypad's data here.

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