You can push notification messages directly to the users registered in your TagoRun application.  This article will guide you on how to send notifications to your users using Actions or Analysis.

Notifications for users are not much different from your account's regular notifications, and you will have many more options to customize. 

Users registered in your TagoRun account can only receive notifications sent by your application.

How to send notifications

First, you must have users registered in your User Management. Learn more on how to do this by clicking here.

You also have two options: Send using Actions or Using Analysis. 

By pushing notifications using Analysis, you can add custom buttons allowing for more interaction.

1. Notifications using Actions

The easiest way to push a notification to a user is by using Actions. 

  1. Go to 'Actions' and create a new Action.
  2. In the "Action to be Taken" option, select Push notification to Run users.
  3. Select the user to receive the notification. If the dropdown is empty, you must register a user first.
  4. Enter a Title and a Message.
  5. Setup a Trigger for your action. You can learn more about triggers by clicking here.

The notification will show up for your user like this:

2. Notification using Analysis

With Analysis, you are powered with more options to send a notification. You can even setup an action to trigger the analysis to get these options available.

We provide a full in-depth guide about how to send notifications using Analysis, create buttons and handle user decisions. Check out this documentation: Push notifications to Users using Analysis.