The Advanced Data option allows you to receive additional information like SNR, RSSI, STATION, and others. 

The type of information available will depend on your Data Plan contracted with Sigfox.

On the Sigfox Backend Portal, create a callback type 'uplink'.

Click on the Device Type  and select your device from the list. Click on the Callback button, then click on New, and select the option Custom callback.

Configure the uplink with the instructions below.
- Channel: URL
- URL:
- Use HTTP Method: POST
- Send SNI: Check the box "Send SNI".
- Headers: Add two rows in the Headers section inside the header and value fields:

<authorization generated by TagoIO>

- Content-type: application/json
- Body: Copy and paste the JSON text below

You can use any Service type for Uplink.

You can learn more about how to integrate with Sigfox here.