Learn how to perform downlink for Class C or A devices using Analysis. Also, we will show how to send downlink data from dashboards. This approach can be used in the following cases:

  1. For devices with class C: to immediately send a downlink message to the device.
  2. For devices with class A: to schedule downlink messages for the next available time slot.

In order to make the downlink with this method, you must install the analysis available in the following link:


After installing the template, you must set up the environment variables. Go to the 'Environment Variables' tab of your device:

Account_token: Any account token from your account with full permission. Go to your account configurations, tokens section, and generate a new one.
Device_id: Device ID of the device you want to send the payload. You can get this by going to your device and entering the more section.
Payload: The payload you want to send to your device.

With it all set, press Save and Run to run the analysis. You will get the error or successful messages in the console section.

Using the Analysis with a Dashboard

After completing the previous steps, you may want to send these downlinks using a dashboard. This method can be useful to easily select the device to send the payload or to share the dashboard with others and allow them to send the downlink messages.

1. Install the dashboard using the following link:

2. After the installation of the dashboard, click on the three dots on the Downlink Form widget and select Edit.

3. Go to the User Control section and select the "Downlink Device Class C" Analysis that you previously installed and configured. 

Press Save to save the changes and you're all set to start using the form and send your downlinks.

Be aware that the form comes with the field type Device for your device_id. This field doesn't work with shared dashboards. If you expect to share the dashboard, you must change the field type to Dropdown or Hidden with default device ID's values.