Each time a device sends data to TagoIO, the system will count 1 Data Input Transaction for each variable. 

These data input transactions are counted against the Profile where your devices are located.

You need to estimate the maximum number of transactions per hour and the peak per minute.

You can visualize the limits and the usage history of each service in the Usage Statistics tab, located under the Profiles session of your account.

1. Data Input limit per hour

You should select a limit that you are sure your application will not exceed during a period of one hour. When a profile hits its limit, inputs will be blocked up to the 1-hour period until the next counting cycle.

TagoIO will deny requests from any devices linked to the Profile that is blocked.
  • Example:  If your device sends the registers 'temperature' and 'humidity' in the same post every 2 minutes, the usage of Data Input Transactions will be:

2 (registers) * 30 (requests per hour) = 60/hour

Multiply the previous number by the number of devices and you will have the total number of data input transactions per hour.

2. Data Input limit per minute

You also need to make sure that your profile will not exceed the limit of transactions per minute. 

Data Input limit per minute is automatically set as 1/10 of the limit that you set for the Data Input Transaction per hour.

If you, for example, set your Data Input Transactions limit to 50,000/hour, your limit per minute will be 5,000/min.

If your Profile exceeds this limit, TagoIO will NOT respond to any device requests during that 1 minute period.

This is necessary to avoid high demand peaks, and to add DDOS attack protection at TagoIO system.

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