You can visualize and control all users that sign up in your application under the User Management module.

When you create and deploy your solution using Run, all users that sign up will be listed in this area. You can grant or remove access, change password, edit user information, edit tags, or delete the user completely. 

Also, each user has a tab for Tags. These tags can be input manually, by script, or it can be filled by the user during the Sign up process.

All customized fields defined in your Signup Page under the Run module are added in the Tags here.

The fields tag key and tag value from the users can be used in the Targets when granting access to your application.

Exporting Users

Click on the 'Export Users' button on the top right side of the module to download a .csv file containing data of all your users. The file also includes all Tags, users ID, subscription date, and activation status.