Access Management (AM) is a module that helps you securely grant access to certain resources in your account. You create Targets (users or things) and determine which type of Permissions for the resources they will have. 

Some examples of how AM can be used:

1. Share one specific dashboard only with the users  that contain certain tags. Example: Share dashboard 'Regional Sales View' with users containing the tag 'level = supervisor'. 

2. Share all dashboards with certain tags only with the users that contain certain tags. Example: Share dashboards containing tag 'state = NY' or 'state = MA' with users with tag 'region = northeast'.

3. Share all my dashboards with all users. For this, you  just need to select the field in 'Target = Any', and the 'Permissions = Any' to share everything with anyone.

By using the option Any in the matching field will expose all that resources without restrictions.

Soon, AM will be also available to manage access for Scripts and Buckets.

Learn more about how to:

  1. Creating Policies
  2. Defining Targets
  3. Defining Permissions