Tiles allow you to simplify how users interact with your dashboards by providing a more intuitive and beautiful set of options.

Use Tile to display clickable images that will redirect user to another website, dashboard or tab. 

Image Link

Add the link of the image that will be presented in the Tile. Use some of these formats: .svg, .png, .jpg, jpeg.

You can always use the FILES to store your image and copy the url to this field. 

Only links to HTTPS url are accepted. 

Visualization Options

Here are some additional options located under the Visualization tab:

  1. Add a text on the bottom of the widget
  2. Define a color for the text 
  3. Apply a color for the widget background
  4. Define the image opacity level (0% to 100%)
  5. Define how the image will fit the widget. It can occupy the whole widget or the internal limits defined between the title and the text on the bottom.

Clickable link

If you want the user to be redirected to another website, dashboard, or tab, just add a valid https link in the field inside the User Control tab.

Leave this url field empty if you don't want the user to take any action (not clickable).

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