TagoIO is ready to receive data from and send data to Sigfox devices. The Downlink is used to send data back to the module every time it checks in – the data to be sent down should be ready prior to the check-in. This tutorial explains how to setup a Downlink.

Downlink TagoIO to SigfoxDownlink Diagram 

Information about Uplink can be found in this tutorial.

Downlink Setup

The downlink serves to send responses from TagoIO to Sigfox, ensuring that the data transition is working correctly. The downlink configuration will be separated into two parts: (1) TagoIO setup, and (2) Sigfox setup using the Sigfox Portal.

1. TagoIO setup

1. Find your device that you just created by clicking on the Device (left menu), go to it, and click on the tab "Configuration parameters";
2. Create a parameter for your device;
A. In Key of the parameter, you should type downlinkData
B. The message that you want to send to your Sigfox device goes in the Value, and must contain up to 8 bytes;
C. Click on Save button.

2. Sigfox setup

Go to the sigfox portal and perform the following steps:

1. Click on Device Type;
2. After clicking Device type, the list of your devices will appear in Sigfox, choose one;
3. Click in the Callback button;
4. Click the New button;
5. Select the option Custom callback;
6. Configure the downlink.


- Type:  DATA & BIDIR
- Channel: URL
- URL pattern:
- Use HTTP Method: POST
- Send SNI: Check the box "Send SNI".
- Headers: Add two rows in the Headers section inside the header and value fields:

 header value
 Required. Enter text exactly as shown.

 [Optional] Use the same text input during the device creation at TagoIO.

- Content-type: application/json
- Body: Copy and paste the JSON text below into the body field. This JSON will take care of the parse to prepare the data coming from your Sigfox module to TagoIO.

    "variable": "device",
    "value": "{device}",
    "serie": "{time}"
    "variable": "duplicate",
    "value": "{duplicate}",
    "serie": "{time}"
    "variable": "snr",
    "value": "{snr}",
    "serie": "{time}"
    "variable": "rssi",
    "value": "{rssi}",
    "serie": "{time}"
    "variable": "avgSnr",
    "value": "{avgSnr}",
    "variable": "station",
    "value": "{station}",
    "serie": "{time}"
    "variable": "data",
    "value": "{data}",
    "serie": "{time}"
    "variable": "seqNumber",
    "value": "{seqNumber}",
    "serie": "{time}"

Your downlink integration is completed. 

You can also send data from your the Dashboard using the Form widget. A script to perform a write in the parameter tab must be created using the Analysis.