When creating devices at TagoIO, it is important to know that there are different ways to allow them to send & receive data through the connectors:

  1. It can be done directly using MQTT or HTTPS methods with our APIs, where one Device-token per device is necessary to grant access. 
  2. When using external services from providers (e.g LoRaWAN, Sigfox, or cellular) it is necessary to generate an Authorization per group/application.

That is why you need to select the right connector when creating your device at TagoIO: to take advantage of the integration already done with these services.

These connectors are designed by TagoIO and are available to all developers.  Connectors have the following functions:

  • Interface with the middleware that connects with the provider when necessary
  • Present logo, name, description, and tags
  • Add Analysis in the account (optional)
  • Add payload parsers in the devices (optional)
  • Add a dashboard template (optional)

Private Connectors

Soon, we will release tutorials showing how developers can create their own connectors to use them locally. Developers will have the option to submit their connectors to TagoIO in order to get them open for the public.

If you need more information about private connectors, contact us through the Support Center.