TagoIO is integrated with TouchTAG devices by providing a complete integration with Everynet back-end server. The system also decrypts and parses the data by extracting all measured variables in real-time. 

TouchTAG is a disposable action driven IoT device. It is a very low cost, compact and lightweight geotag with additional sensor functionality.

To add your TouchTag go to Devices, click on 'Add Devices', select the connector 'LoRaWAN Everynet', and search for 'TouchTag'.

Then, just follow the directions to integrate your TouchTag as shown in the screens.

For more information about how to configure your account for Everynet and TagoIO, click here.

After you have created your device, make sure you generate an Authorization for it. (You just need one Authorization per application).

Turn your TouchTag device on, and wait for the data to arrive and hit your data bucket. Every time the device sends data, the parser will be executed, the extracted data sent to the bucket, and it will be ready to be shown in the dashboard.

A parser to extract the measured values was added in the device. 

You can create notifications and more advanced scripts as needed.

Enjoy your TouchTAG device with TagoIO!