TagoIO is fully integrated with Sens'it v2 and v3 devices by providing the perfect integration with Sigfox backend and parsing the data by extracting the measured variables in real-time. Sens'it + Sigfox + TagoIO    Connectivity DiagramAll data sent by your device will be readily available to be displayed in widgets or processed in your Analysis.

First you need to activate your Sens'it as a devkit. As a developer, you can request access to the Sigfox Cloud from the Sigfox Buy website - simply follow the instructions to activate the devkit. Once activated, you can enjoy your devkit connectivity. 

Second, add the device at TagoIO. Go to Devices, click on 'Add Devices', and filter network by Sigfox to pick your device from the list (v2 or v3).

Then, just follow the directions to integrate your Sens'it with TagoIO and start to build your own application in minutes.

If you have questions about how to configure your account for Sigfox and TagoIO, click here.

Now, click on the new dashboard created (left menu), and associate it with the device that you just added.

Turn your Sens'it device on, and wait for the data to arrive and hit your data bucket! Every time the device sends data, the parser will be executed, the extracted data sent to the bucket, and it will be ready to be shown in the dashboards.

You can start editing the installed dashboard.

Dashboard automatically installed with the device.

If you are using Sens'it v2, you may want to edit the parse function in your device to extract variable from more modes for the V2. The complete payload documentation is here.

Also, you can create notifications and more advanced scripts as needed.

Enjoy your Sens'it device with TagoIO!