You can filter the results being displayed in a map in order to minimize the amount of information shown, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for. 

1. Filter using variables

You can do so by selecting the Show filter option in the Parameter Configuration tab. There are two ways to filter the results, either by filtering by the name of the variable itself, or the values from a variable.

  • Filtering the variables means all of the values from the variables will be shown, but only for the variables selected.
  • Filtering the values of the variables means only the values that match the criteria will be shown, but for all of the variables.

If you choose to filter the values from the variables, you need to inform which variable you will be filtering the values from.

But if you simply choose to filter the variables by their names, all you need to do is select the option variables in the Use to filter field and press the save button. 

If you do not chose any variables, all of them will be displayed in the map widget.

Now that you have selected your desired filter, head back to the widget and you can see a dropdown has appeared. You can start typing and a list of options will appear. Click the option to select it or simply press the spacebar to go to the next filter.

Keep in mind the list only shows the values from the variables, and not the latitude and longitude of positions, for example.

2. Filter using dates

The developer can pre set some date filters for the data to be displayed, the dates can be personalized to better suit the application needs. The result can be seen in the green box in the image below Shot 2018-02-06 at 08.53.02-nlA.png

To display the date filter, the developer must go in the Advanced Options tab in the map's configuration, and then select the intervals that will be available for the user to filter. Check out the example below: Shot 2018-02-06 at 08.53.12-Qto.png

The possible units of time available for you are the following:

  • second
  • minute
  • hour
  • day
  • week
  • month
  • year

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